Cookies policy


A cookie is a small, often encrypted text file, which is stored in the browser of your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. 

They are used to collect anonymous information about how users browse our website. 

Cookies are also used to monitor website traffic and visitor frequency in order to ensure that our website runs smoothly. 

However, the data obtained is limited. It relates exclusively to the number of pages visited, the city in which the IP address used to connect to the website is located, the frequency and recurrence of visits, time spent on the website, the browser and operator or type of device being used. Under no circumstances is data obtained about the user’s first or last name or postal address from which he/she is logged in. 

Cookies do not damage your computer and cannot be used to directly identify you. You should be aware that only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in it. 


SAS Vignobles Clément Fayat collects several types of cookies, for different purposes. 

1.2.1. Technical functioning of the website 

These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly. They enable visitors to use the essential features of our website, such as browsing , creating a shopping cart and storing your profile information. You must accept these cookies in order to use our website. If you refuse, we cannot ensure a smooth browsing experience on our website. The legal basis for collecting this type of cookie is the legitimate interest of VCF. 

1.2.2. Web analytics 

These cookies allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors on our website and collect information about how our website is used (for example, which pages are most visited by users, whether users have error messages on our pages etc.) This helps us improve how our website works, for example, by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily. The legal basis for collecting this type of cookie is the consent of the individual concerned. 

1.2.3. Sharing on social media 

We may also place “Share” and “Like” types of buttons for social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. 

The social media site may identify you through this button, even if you have not used this button while visiting our website. This type of application button may enable the social media site concerned to follow your browsing activities on our website, on your device through a session left open on the social media site while browsing our website. 

We have no control over the process used by social media sites to collect information about your browsing activities on our website or any possible personal data information they may have. Please Updated on 03/11/2020 

consult these social media sites’ privacy protection policies to find out more about how they use browsing information collected through application buttons, particularly concerning advertising. 

The legal basis for collecting this type of cookie is the consent of the individual concerned. 

These access rights can usually be adjusted in your user settings for each of these sites. 

Such social media sites include: 

– Facebook 
– Instagram 
– Twitter 


Cookies are stored for a period of 13 months after they are first placed on the user’s device. 


1.4.1. Setting your preferences 

When you first visit our website, a banner informs you of the presence of cookies and asks you to indicate your preferences. They are only placed on your device if you accept them. You may consult or change your cookies settings to allow or refuse them at any time, by going to the [Cookies settings] page at the bottom of the website. You may either indicate your preferences for the entire site or for each individual service. We store your cookies settings for 6 months. 

1.4.2. Consequences of your choices 

With the exception of the cookies necessary to ensure that our website runs smoothly, refusing cookies will not affect your browsing experience on our website. For example, refusing cookies related to targeted advertising will not stop you from seeing ads on our website . It will just stop you from seeing ads related to your interests or browsing history.